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A winning combination of European-style management, coupled with an expert local team; BRICKS INDIA is a real estate consultancy with a difference. We are your personal one-stop-real-estate solution, dedicated to making sure you find the best home-away-from-home when you make the exciting (but sometimes daunting) move to India.


We help you find your home. Whether you are looking for that perfect three-bedroom apartment, or that farmhouse away from the bustle of the city – we are here to cut through the noise and clutter you are sure to face in the real estate market. Our promise is to show you fewer properties that fit the definition of your dream India home, so that your decision becomes that much easier.

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And our involvement doesn’t stop there! We are sure you’ve heard that India can be a difficult place to navigate. Well, don’t worry because we are here to be your guides. Need a list of the best markets to buy international groceries? We have it covered. Have a question about schools for your kids? Our expert local team is on hand to walk you through it! Or need a little help getting your phone line or Internet connection up and at ‘em? We know the right people to call. Once you join our family, we are here for you – to find you a house to live in, and to help you make it a home.

BRICKS INDIA is the brainchild of Dutch businessmen Vincent van Noord and Alexander de Goederen. Built on the foundation of their joint experience in the real estate industry, BRICKS INDIA offers a unique combination of international know-how, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the domestic market.

Priding themselves on predicting and meeting the varied needs of commercial clients, BRICKS INDIA has gained a reputation for finding companies the most apt spaces in the most professional and efficient manner possible. Finding a location is only the first of many useful services BRICKS INDIA provides – they always go the extra mile to ensure the client has all the tools they need to navigate and settle into their new location.

BRICKS INDIA currently has offices in Delhi and Mumbai.

Vincent van Noord

Vincent obtained his BA in English and his MBA in Cultural Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. He then went on to work for a five-year period with Sony Europe, where he was responsible for the European region as a Marketing & Communication Manager in the field of Home Video. Vincent also worked for the European division of UPC, one of the larger Telco companies in Europe, where he was jointly responsible for the internal and external Marketing & Communication of the brand.

In 2007 Vincent moved to India where he became the Regional Manager with DTZ International Property Advisors in the Occupation and Development Management (ODM) department. In DTZ, he handled large international clients as the Client Relationship Manager. A few examples of his key accounts were the Royal Bank of Scotland, British Telecom and SAP. By representing these clients in India and through constant interaction with the various real estate developers across the country, Vincent has become well acquainted with the domestic real estate industry.

Alexander de Goederen

After obtaining his Masters degree in Financial Economics at the University of Amsterdam, Alexander worked as an Account Manager at the ING Bank in Amsterdam. For four years he was part of a specialized team dedicated to evaluating and financing real estate projects in the Netherlands. His main occupation during this period was managing a portfolio of middle-large real estate companies and advising on their projects, as well as approving or declining bank loans.

In 2008, Alexander moved to India with his wife, where he joined DTZ International. Alexander worked for DTZ in the Occupation, Development and Marketing (ODM) department, where he established an in-depth know-how of the Indian real estate market.

Pradeep Sikri

Born and raised in New Delhi, Pradeep is the resident expert on real estate in Delhi. He completed his education at the DAV public school in Vasant Vihar, before immediately going on to build a successful real estate business with a French business partner in Delhi – cementing his knowledge of the local market.

His journey with BRICKS INDIA began four years ago and he takes great pride in the focus, transparency and professionalism that the organization brings to the table.

Pradeep is an avid reader, who takes great pleasure from intensive travel around his native subcontinent.


Residential Leasing
Project Advisory for Interior Design
International Project Management
Commercial Leasing
Real Estate Investment Opportunity
Land Acquisition

  • Finding ideal residences for expatriate and diplomatic families by listening closely and carefully to their requirements
  • Sharing our personal experiences on life in Delhi
  • Managing expectations and giving our honest opinions on how best to settle into your new life in Delhi
  • Being on time and dependable!
  • We stick to your budgets so you get the best value for your money
  • Negotiating on behalf of our clients
  • Liaison between the client and the landlord (and on occasion, lawyers) to ensure common consensus on the content of the lease agreement
  • Facilitating the lease registration procedure
“Since my arrival in India in 2007, the Netherlands Embassy in Delhi has used the services of the real estate agency BRICKS INDIA to its utter satisfaction. BRICKS INDIA is managed by two entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and I am impressed by their commitment, efficiency and knowledge of the local real estate market in India.”
Bob Hiensch, Ambassador of The Netherlands to India
"An expat family’s dream team: super flexible, quick to interpret our needs, helpful, patient and professional – BRICKS INDIA made finding a home away from home fast and easy; they are a pleasure to work with!" Gabrielle Seacy, Founder of AktivOrtho.com, a new healthcare business venture
“I can highly recommend BRICKS INDIA. They understood our requirements, had great local knowledge and most importantly: are trustworthy.” Gudmundur Eiriksson, Ambassador of Iceland to India
“BRICKS INDIA set the example of what every real estate agent should strive for – professionalism, reliability and warmth. BRICKS INDIA are honest and easy to work with. They listen, work with your needs, and do not waste your time.” Henning Brenoe, Information & IT Officer World Health Organization
BRICKS INDIA’s team are the new age real estate agents in Delhi. They are professional and transparent and provided us with a reliable tenant. They helped us with the negotiations, preparation of the lease contract and the registration of lease in an efficient way. We can highly recommend them. Sri Ram Khanna, Landlord 108 Golflinks, New Delhi
‘Although we already lived in India in various cities, we came as fresh citizens to New Delhi. Being new in an Indian city, it is great to receive the assistance which Bricks India offers. They didn't just facilitated us by finding a perfect house, but they also gave us a perfect introduction to our new hometown. Having experienced other house-brokers who just showed us random available houses, it was a great relieve to be taken to pre-selected options which where actually matching our given requirements’.
Marijn Leijten, Director at The Netherlands Agro, Food & Technology Centre (NAFTC)
We have lived and worked in many different countries and we can honestly say Alex is the best agent we have dealt with. What he did was very simple. He listened to what we wanted, then focused on finding it within the budget we gave him. He didn't waste our time showing us properties that were too expensive or in the wrong area. And once we had decided on the place – the first one he showed us – the negotiations over the deal could not have been smoother. Thank you
Bricks India worked with us when moving our home towards New Delhi. They listened very carefully to our specific needs, worked only with dedicated people and deliver upon what is promised. They also took ownership to ensure to find the right place fulfilling our needs, within the budget and set timeframe, put in the extra mile to make it happen. This way of working is relieving you as a customer and very much appreciated.; we recommend to work with Bricks India, your future home is in good hands with them. Stan van Bree, Director - Audit Leader India & Middle East at Philips Internal Audit
It’s not easy to settle into a new city – especially if you’ve never lived in this part of the world. That’s why we consider it part of our job to arm you with all the knowledge possible to make Delhi a home away from home. Here is a taste of the tips and the tricks that our expat team found useful when they were first moved here:
Be aware that the prices of homes in Delhi have sky-rocketed in recent years – this, combined with the fact that Delhi is the 8th most expensive city in the world, means a good real estate agent is required to get you the best deal possible!
Unlike many Western countries, there is no gauge for what prices will be in various areas. This can be disconcerting for many expats. BRICKS INDIA, with it’s expert staff can help you choose the best areas for your needs and budget.
Consider flat-sharing to off-set the sky-high prices of housing, as well as the scarcity of living options.
The nicest area to live in Delhi is South Delhi; in particular Malcha Marg, Golflinks, Jorbagh, Shantiniketan, Westend, Anand Niketan and Vasant Vihar.
Other, less expensive but nice areas are: Hauz Khas, Sarvodya Enclave, Defence Colony, Anand Lok, Niti Bagh, Gulmohar Park, Nizzamudin East, Greater Kailash I and II, Panscheel Park, Friends Colony and New Friends Colony.
If you are an outdoorsy type you can choose to live in a farmhouse. Nice areas are Westend Greens, Pushpanjali and Kapashera (these three areas are near the Suburb of Gurgaon and can be a bit noisy because of the airport in the neighbourhood). Vasant Kunj is nice and more in the city towards South Delhi, while Chattarpur is the biggest farm house area.
Be flexible when it comes to your expectations.
Be very clear with your agent about what you are looking for when it comes to your budget, number of rooms and whether you need to be close to a school for your children. This will enable them to show you locations appropriate to your needs.
Make notes of the properties that you have visited, especially when you are working with several agents. Show the list of properties that you have seen to the other agents, so that they don't show you the same properties again.
Do not let anyone push you into making quick, uninformed decisions.
Try to avoid paying too much security deposit because when the lease ends you might have difficulty getting the security deposit back.
Take advantage of the fact that manpower in the form of staff is often more affordable in Delhi than in the home countries of many expats.

This Lease Deed is executed on this DATE by and betweenNAMEADDRESSLESSOhereinafter referred to as the LESSOR (which term shall where the context so admits, includes her heirs, successors, executors, legal representative, assignees etc.) of the First Party of this Deed

COMPANY NAME ADDRESSLESSEE through its authorized signatoryNAMEhereinafter referred to as the LESSEE (which term shall where the context so admits includes their successor, administrator and assignees etc.) of the Second Party of this Deed

WHEREAS the above said LESSOR is the owner of premisesADDRESS, comprising of DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY, with full proprietary rights and is duly entitled to enter into this present Lease Deed.

WHEREAS the LESSOR has agreed to let out the ADDRESS, (“said premises”) for residential purpose to the LESSEE subject to the following terms and conditions:


The LESSOR hereby leases the demised premises ADDRESS,for a period of NUMBER monthswith effect fromSTARTINGDATEto ENDING DATE

That the monthly rent for the demised premises mentioned above shall be Rs. AMOUNT/- (Rupees Only)subject to deduction of Income-tax at source, payable in advance by the 7thday of every calendar month by means of an account payee cheque on local bank in favor of NAME. There will be a rental increase of 10% after 24 months amounting to a monthly rent of Rs. AMOUNT(Rupees Only)..
Please download a complete lease sample

BRICKS INDIA has successfully worked with:

Various diplomatic missions
Embassy of the Netherlands, Embassy of Germany, Australian High Commission, Embassy of the United States of America, Delegation of the European Union, Embassy of France, Embassy of Belgium, Embassy of Iceland, Embassy of Brazil, Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of Norway, Embassy of Lithuania, Honorary Consulate of Ecuador in Mumbai and others

International Organisations
The World Bank, UNICEF, Medicines Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), the World Health Organisation and others.

Philips, ABN Amro, Lease Plan, Corus, MGB, Metro, Alcatel, Lucent, Lufthansa, Ford India, KPMG, BBC, Lurgi, RBS, New York Times, Coca Cola, Oriflame, Dutch Media, Johnson Control, Vredesteyn Tyres, EADS, Eurocopter, GFD Suez, SEB Nordic Bank and others.

Small and Medium Enterprises
Among others THEY, Franzen and Partners, Junxion Strategy

NGOs Asian Development Bank, European Union, UN, UNDP, Red Cross, MSF, GIZ, AAAC (Canadian)

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