BRICKS INDIA prides itself in its ability to aid companies find the best possible location to conduct their business. With highly qualified on-the-ground staff and an in-depth experience-based knowledge – we are the solution to every commercial establishment's real estate questions.

- Jawaharlal Nehru

Getting things done right is a mantra that BRICKS INDIA is proud to adhere to. With our hard-working and experienced team, dedicated to finding the perfect space for every company, we guarantee finding the most ideal location in the most efficient manner possible. Quick, reliable and effective, BRICKS INDIA is the perfect choice for businesses looking to set up shop in the subcontinent.

- Louis Glickman

To get the best value for money, companies need to have all the information possible at their fingertips. BRICKS INDIA, with its wealth of real estate experience, is the perfect partner to help make the right investment in the right location.

BRICKS INDIA is the brainchild of Dutch businessmen Vincent van Noord and Alexander de Goederen. Built on the foundation of their joint experience in the real estate industry, BRICKS INDIA offers a unique combination of international know-how, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the domestic market.

Priding themselves on predicting and meeting the varied needs of commercial clients, BRICKS INDIA has gained a reputation for finding companies the most apt spaces in the most professional and efficient manner possible. Finding a location is only the first of many useful services BRICKS INDIA provides – they always go the extra mile to ensure the client has all the tools they need to navigate and settle into their new location.

BRICKS INDIA currently has offices in Delhi and Mumbai.

Vincent van Noord

Vincent obtained his BA in English and his MBA in Cultural Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. He then went on to work for a five-year period with Sony Europe, where he was responsible for the European region as a Marketing & Communication Manager in the field of Home Video. Vincent also worked for the European division of UPC, one of the larger Telco companies in Europe, where he was jointly responsible for the internal and external Marketing & Communication of the brand.

In 2007 Vincent moved to India where he became the Regional Manager with DTZ International Property Advisors in the Occupation and Development Management (ODM) department. In DTZ, he handled large international clients as the Client Relationship Manager. A few examples of his key accounts were the Royal Bank of Scotland, British Telecom and SAP. By representing these clients in India and through constant interaction with the various Real Estate developers across the country, Vincent has become well acquainted with the domestic real estate industry.

Alexander de Goederen

After obtaining his Masters degree in Financial Economics at the University of Amsterdam, Alexander worked as an Account Manager at the ING Bank in Amsterdam. For four years he was part of a specialized team dedicated to evaluating and financing real estate projects in the Netherlands. His main occupation during this period was managing a portfolio of middle-large real estate companies and advising on their projects, as well as approving or declining bank loans.

In 2008, Alexander moved to India with his wife, where he joined DTZ International. Alexander worked for DTZ in the Occupation, Development and Marketing (ODM) department, where he established an in-depth know-how of the Indian real estate market.

Pradeep Sikri

Born and raised in New Delhi, Pradeep is the resident expert on real estate in Delhi. He completed his education at the DAV public school in Vasant Vihar, before immediately going on to build a successful real estate business with a French business partner in Delhi – cementing his knowledge of the local market.

His journey with BRICKS INDIA began four years ago and he takes great pride in the focus, transparency and professionalism that the organization brings to the table.

Pradeep is an avid reader, who takes great pleasure from intensive travel around his native subcontinent.


Consulting for International Project Management
Real Estate Investment Opportunities
Commercial Real Estate
Land Acquisition
Residential Leasing
Project Advisory for Interior Design
Strategic Partners with Amsterdam Arena in India

  • Provide expert, detailed and accurate information to the client prior to a site visit
  • Finding ideal business locations for corporates and businesses by listening closely and carefully to their requirements
  • Sharing our personal experiences on conducting business in delhi
  • Managing expectations and giving our honest opinions on how best to settle into a new life in delhi
  • Being on time and dependable
  • We stick to the client's budgets so they get the best value for their money
  • Negotiating on behalf of our clients
  • Liaison between the clients and the landlord(and on occasion, lawyers) to ensure common consensus on the content of the lease agreement
  • Facilitating the lease registration procedure
“Working with BRICKS INDIA has been a real pleasure. The whole team has always put the interest of their clients as its priority. Bringing together a wide and trust-worthy network, great logistics, optimal processes, enthusiasm, honesty, professionalism and energy, BRICKS INDIA managed to fulfill all our expectations in a very short period of time. No doubt that we will go through their services again and again during our business expansion plans.”
Baptiste Frérot, Co-Founder / Director of LASERGAME.IN
“BRICKS INDIA is diligent throughout the whole process, from the identification of a potential location, through negotiations and through dealing with contractors, furniture people, etc. A one-stop shop, so to say. For me - the USP is the understanding of what foreigners are looking for in terms of quality and delivery, and execution of projects with the Indian team in Indian conditions. They think out of the box, drive towards solutions even in tricky situations, and importantly, they saved me a lot of time.” Poul Jensen, Director European Business and Technology Centre
"Strong local market knowledge and proven experience are absolute pre-requisites for choosing the right commercial real estate partner. With BRICKS INDIA’s team, we always felt we had the market covered with the best options possible. Quick to respond and readily available to offer advice and support, with BRICKS INDIA we always felt we were in professional, trustworthy hands and could rely on them to know how best to approach and handle negotiations and close the deal. They have been superb in continuing to help us manage and navigate relations with relevant parties long after the deal was done. We look forward to working more with BRICKS INDIA in the future!" Dr. Gerhard Mueller and Gabrielle Seacy, Founders of, a new healthcare business venture ?

Choosing an office in a new, unfamiliar city is an important decision and needs to be looked at from all possible angles. You need to take stock of what is most important for your business in terms of location, your staff, your wallet and your expansion plans. Therefore, we recommend making a checklist of the most crucial criteria you need to consider to make the best decision. Having this checklist in place will aid you in your search and will ultimately save time and money as the process becomes more efficient:

I. Location

  • Is it important for you to be close to your clients?
  • Where is your staff living, what travel time would you consider for their commute?

II. Accessibility

  • By what means of transportation should the office be accessible to you: road, train, metro, bus, airport?

III. Traffic

  • Do you require parking?
  • Can your clients reach you without too much hassle?
  • Can your staff easily get in and out of the office in order to reach your clients?
  • Check if the location of the office that you are considering is not too congested.

IV. What is our headcount now? What is your headcount going to be in 2 years? 5 years?
V. You can take approximately 100 – 130 sq. ft. per person on super area when estimating the size of space that you will need. This includes a reception, meeting rooms, pantry, etc.
VI. Does your company need to be visible?
VII. Is it important that you are in an area that houses like minded organizations?
VIII. Is it important to be close to your competitors?
IX. Budget for Rent
Ensure that you are well informed on the market rates in terms of rentals in the areas that you are looking to set up an office.
Once you are aware of the rental rates, then determine how much area you will require for your office. Based on the area and the per square foot rates, you can make a calculation of how much the rent would be.

If you are not from India and you are setting up an office for the first time, then you need to be aware that things may work differently here. Keep an open mind; try to be flexible and patient. With this mindset you are almost halfway there.

Warm Shell: There is already central AC and 100% power back up available.

Cold Shell: Central AC and 100% power back up is not available.

Efficiency: A landlord will always base the rent on the ‘Super Area’; this is larger than your ‘Net Useable Area’. The landlord often loads additional space onto this designated area. This could include common areas; lift space, the staircase, parking lot, and the lobby. The bottom line is if your efficiency is 80% then your Net Useable Area is 80% of the Super Area and you lose 20%.

Security Deposit: The amount that a landlord will ask for can vary on a case-to-case basis, but generally they ask for 6 months rent. It is refunded after you vacate the premises.

Advance Rent: This amount can also vary, but it is quite common to pay 3 months rent in advance.

Lock in Period: This is the time that you are literally ‘locked in’ to the property - you cannot leave within this period. If you do leave prior, you will have to pay for the remainder of the period agreed upon..

Carpet Area: This is the net useable area of the space.

Lease Period: Often this is 9 years (or 3+3+3). After the initial lock in period there are two more blocks of 3 years. In cases where the landlord is more professional, you can give a notice period of approximately 2 months and then you can vacate the premises. If the landlord is not as professional, he will demand a shorter lease period and will say that after a certain amount of time, both parties should be able to give a notice.

Super area: This is the area that you will pay rent on. There is no clear description for what the Super Area entails exactly and it differs on a case to case basis. But what it comes down to is what the Landlord loads onto your space. Basically there will be, on a pro rata basis, area loaded from the lifts, the stairs, the lobby, the common areas, the parking, the garden, etc.

In the larger office buildings it is mandatory to pay extra for so-called Maintenance. This is a cost that the landlord uses for various elements of the building and is applicable for all the tenants. In most cases this covers: cleaning of the common areas, general security in the building (your space internally will be separate), the maintenance of the diesel generator, the maintenance of the lifts, the upkeep for the landscaping and at times the cost of diesel consumption. Note that electricity and water consumption are separate and will be on an ‘as per actual’ usage basis according to you private meter reading. The cost for Maintenance differs from building to building and from landlord to landlord, but generally this will range from Rs 15 –Rs 25 per sq ft on Super Area basis.

Standard Lease Agreement

This Lease Deed (the “Lease Deed”) is entered at New Delhi on the [XXX]
XXX [LESSOR] XXX (hereinafter referred to as the LESSOR – which expression unless it be repugnant to the context thereof shall mean and include his heirs, executors, administrators, assignees, legal representative and successors) of ONE PART;
XXX a company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at XXXXX, INDIA, through XXX, hereinafter referred to as the LESSEE (which expression unless repugnant to the subject or context thereof, shall mean and include its successors and permitted assigns). The LESSOR and the LESSEE shall be individually referred to as “Party” and collectively as “Parties”, as the case may be.

The LESSOR is the absolute owner and is in lawful possession of the

  1. Property situated at [EXACT ADDRESS OF THE PROPERTY] admeasuring about ___ sq. ft. Carpet Area at the second floor of the said Leased Premises (hereinafter called the said Leased Premises).

  1. The LESSEE after satisfying itself about the area has approached the LESSOR with a request to allow the LESSEE to occupy and use the second floor, admeasuring approximately___ sq. ft. Carpet Area along with the furniture and fixtures (hereinafter collectively referred to as fully furnished “Leased Premises”) for entertainment and amusement activity, on Lease basis on the terms and conditions mentioned herein below and as per layout plan enclosed with specifications.
  2. The LESSOR has agreed to grant the Leased Premises on Lease to the LESSEE on the following terms and conditions. The Leased Premises is shown on the plan hereto annexed as Annexure “A” (with slight 10-15% modifications if desired) and marked by red boundary lines. AND WHEREAS both the Parties have deemed it necessary to reduce the terms and conditions of this Lease Deed as agreed upon into writing.
    to be continued...
    Please download a complete lease sample

For commercial real estate BRICKS INDIA has successfully worked with, among others:
  • European Business and Technology Centre
  • Ferranti Computer System India
  • The Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department of the European
  • Aktiv0rtho
  • Vasan Eye Care Hospital
  • Braemar Seascope
  • Bagels Café
  • Beechcraft
  • All the earlier clients
  • Finpro Consulting Services
  • Indo French Chamber of Commerce
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